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    261 Waterloo Street,
    #02-10 Waterloo Centre
    Singapore 180261
    6333 1136

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      261 Waterloo Street, #02-10 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261
      6333 1136

      Project Title


      MFT is in the business of making clean air. Supporting air quality as an essential in protecting the health and wellness of people, the company has been delivers on its purpose by providing engineering services and solutions for the past two decades.


      While the brand is making big impact, there is little awareness of the MFT brand and its purpose. Being a small player in this market it is increasingly difficult for the brand to attract and retain talent and stand out in the crowd. As the company expand its services beyond the healthcare sector, there is a greater need to have better clarity in their brand positioning. Its business model, service offerings and market penetration methods also require modification.


      A rebrand campaign will shape MFT’s new image, crystalise its brand and positioning, and allow a clear and consistent message to be delivered to the marketplace, for recruitment and other requirements.
      Our immediate task was to understand the industry and MFT’s brand perception in the market.
      Interviews were conducted to capture knowledge and insight as well as identify opportunities and possibilities for MFT as a brand.


      Empowering our clients to improve the well being of mankind through cleaner air.

      Brand Personality




      We make better clean air

      The new tagline “ We make better clean air” summarises the essence of the brand and its brand purpose. It is the raison d’etre of the brand that catalyses the entire culture.
      With brand strategy established, we run thru the entire blueprint with the client, journeying with them through the process, from start to end. The brand logo was refreshed , uplifting the company‘s personality and image.

      We developed a responsive website to communicate the brand story as well as its new positioning and offerings in the marketplace. The site went through UI/UX process to ensure that the user experience given top priority.


      With a professional appearance both on the web and brand identity, MFT today stands on a firm foundation to establish trust among the clients, partners, prospects, employees and the recruitement marketplace.

      One important and notable impact is in the pride and satisfaction level of the company’s employees. When working with the team at MFT, we are heartened to see that everyone was very excited about the new direction. The rebranding effort conveyed the promise of the brand fostering a greater sense of trust and motivation for the staff for how they assess their future and career with the company.