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      Polishing a GEM

      Office Of Global Exchange And Mobility (OGEM), NTU

      The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore’s Office of Global Education & Mobility (OGEM) wanted to explore avenues to expand their outreach efforts for their inbound exchange programmes to students from other countries. Due to the shift in media consumption habits, OGEM was seeking avenues to better engage their target audience. Its current method of student outreach go through the traditional publicity routes which are largely dependent on the strength of its partnerships with other universities as well as the promotional efforts of these universities. The brief was expanded to including refreshing the positioning of OGEM exchange programmes to remain relevant to undergraduates from other universities internationally as well as the undergraduates in NTU, Singapore.

      “It’s a big world. Made for big dreams”

      Developing an integrated aspirational campaign comprising visual + messaging strategy and touchpoint development, the campaign was designed to encourage students to embrace a global mindset in their career aspirations. The message exhorts the phrase “the world is your oyster” and positions the GEM programmes as a suitable platform for the students to venture out and explore the opportunities available globally.
      Vibrant and dynamic collage treatment that allows for various permutations is conceptualised to bring out the wonder of exploration and the sense of aspiration. Creating a visual motif that ties all the programmes together, the door represents opportunities and possibilities. With the development of social posts, videos, informative EDM’s, print and environmental collaterals, the call to dream bigger dreams empowers the students to expand their outlook and explore the programmes available, which can take them further.
      We further developed a social media marketing campaign for the GEM Trailblazer Summer programme. By being able to engage students internationally via their social media feeds, OGEM became more intentional with creating awareness around key global markets. Through the social media campaign, we enabled OGEM to take charge of its own narrative and messaging, manage perceptions via the digital space and established its digital brand presence for the first time with organic and boosted posts. A strategic social media approach helped GEM Trailblazer Summer programme enhance its reach, deepen engagement and open doors to a greater understanding of their target audience’s preferences. By establishing their social media accounts, we grew their followers by xx%, with post reach and engagement increasing over xx%. Through curated contents and strategic content pillars, we reached out to OGEM’s target markets in Europe, Canada and the United States of America. At the same time, the posts built up engagement with students from Hong Kong and South Korea. Adding webinars into the mix, we increased OGEM’s touchpoints with the students and provided them with another avenue to deepen their engagement with students directly at a time before Zoom became a norm. OGEM achieved an increase of 20% in the number of enquiries.
      Our holistic and comprehensive social media campaign helped OGEM increase its social following by more than 100%. The brand’s social page saw a pick-up of about 26% in organically acquired Likes. There was high engagement across all the key markets in the three countries targeted.