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      Getting a high in learning


      inlab is an innovation lab that pushes the frontiers of adult learning in the continuing education training (CET) space. inlab collaborates with companies, government agencies and training providers to empower adult learners to be future-ready. Over the last 5 years, inlab has grown and its role has expanded, outgrowing its present-day brand positioning. Management felt that it was time for a new business strategy to reposition the company as an innovative and forward-looking brand.

      1. How do we re-position inlab as a forward-looking brand that caters to multiple stakeholders?
      2. How can we increase perceived value of the brand’s service and products and simplify its communication processes?
      Our engagement with Inlab’s multiple stakeholders enabled us to articulate a compelling purpose for the brand – one that shapes its place in the future of adult learning. We developed the company’s mission and clarified its brand purpose and values. To actualise the brand purpose, a brand new tagline: Pushing Boundaries, Igniting Possibilities was birthed. The terms accelerator’, ‘collaborator’ and ‘enabler’ conveyed the brand’s personality.
      The new logo conveys inlab’s aspiration to shape the future of adult learning with impact and enable the CET community to strengthen capabilities, exchange knowledge, collaborate and push the boundaries of learning. Reflecting this drive, the logo depicts the attributes of connection and transformation with its inter-joining segments of circles that radiate from smaller segments to larger ones, before becoming a full circle. The striking colours depict growth, passion and enthusiasm, while a modern and distinctive font cut a modern and forward-looking visual persona for inlab.
      The new brand identity for inlab shows progression and impact, with a specially curated colour palette articulating the brand’s values and approach. Alongside the logo, a set of three primary graphic devices were developed to further enhance the presentation of the brand whilst providing visual variety and flexibility.

      Integrating the visual language across different communication touchpoints ensured a seamless online and offline brand experience. Beyond simply logos and communications, we created a series of illustrations reinforcing the brand across work environments.

      A comprehensive brand usage manual was developed for future implementation. Its purpose is to ensure the brand stays consistent across all touchpoints. An online brand immersion session was also conducted to introduce the new identity, and its usage as well as involve and engage the multiple stakeholders in the brand The idea of the identity was extended to its sub brands, amplifying its values with consistency across applications.
      The new brand strategy and visual execution enables inlab to clearly articulate the brand’s values to the stakeholders, allowing them to better understand and embody those values. This in turn will support the initiatives of inlab to grow brand awareness and advocacy, and better engage with the community.