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      Building an air of trust


      MFT is in the business of making clean air. For the past two decades, the company had been protecting the health and wellness of people by providing engineering solutions primarily for the healthcare sector. With intensifying competition, the company decided to broaden its reach beyond the healthcare sector. However, awareness of its brand and offerings was still relatively low. MFT sought to find a consistent and strong footing to carry its brand and positioning in its new extended marketplace.

      MFT faced a few key barriers in its path. The company needed a modified business model that catered to the shift in its market penetration strategy. It was also experiencing increasing difficulty in attracting and retaining good talents. The passion of the people behind the business had also never been brought to light; a problem that needed to be solved.

      1. How might we communicate MFT spectrum of business beyond the healthcare sector?
      2. How might we establish a position for a low profile brand?

      We initiated deep discussions with the management to discover their heartbeat for the business. By focusing on its capabilities that enable MFT to provide customised solutions to the environmental air cleanliness challenges, we first sought to gain a deep understanding of MFT’s business, industry, customers and challenges. Working closely with its leadership team, we explored the potential for a refreshed brand to support growth in the new markets. We started by articulating MFT’s purpose, their “Why”: Empowering our clients to improve the wellbeing of mankind through cleaner air. We revised MFT’s vision, mission and values.


      Knowledge, Passion and Trustworthy; these are the brand personalities that informed the brand’s image and perception of the brand.


      With the brand strategy established, we journeyed alongside the company in realising the blueprint from start to end. The brand logo was refreshed, uplifting the company‘s presence and image.

      MFT’s new logo reinforces the company’s commitment to bring quality air to industries in and beyond Singapore. The colour blue represents blue sky and the typeface which resembles air echoes MFT commitment to make better clear air. The new logo runs through the corporate stationery, office environment and website application, and is standardised through a comprehensive brand manual.


      The design and concept of the new responsive website carried the core elements of its new brand identity. It communicates the brand story as well as MFT’s new positioning and offerings. The site underwent a thorough UI/UX process with user experience as top priority. From the restructuring of the site map, user flow and experience, and the crafting of content, to the development of the back end, we made sure the client was well informed and updated on the project status. A website user guide was produced to accompany training provided for the in-house team to enable MFT to sustain the management of their new website on its own.

      Having journeyed closely with MTF from start to end, we are proud to be part of the brand revitalisation and website enhancement process. In its entirety, MFT’s brand identity seamlessly portrays professionalism and reliability. Importantly, MTF’s employees were excited to be part of the new direction adopted by the company, united with a greater sense of motivation and purpose.