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      An inspired space for learning

      Straits Construction

      Design surrounds us and this project showcased our skills in breathing brand life to the bespoke workspace for Straits Construction. With people development at the core of the company’s business, “Toolbox” was conceived. It is a dedicated centre of excellence where Straits Construction’s staff and workers attend upgrading courses and hands-on skills enhancement workshops to ensure they are equipped in achieving the company’s vision and mission.

      1. How might the “Toolbox” brand meaningfully connect and align with Straits Construction’s business direction?
      2. How will the user journey and experience shape its brand identity?
      Drawing inspiration from the word “Toolbox”, we created the identity made up of geometric shapes, relating to the company’s brand values of connecting and upskilling.

      The values of the brand were then placed inside each room. Leveraging design thinking, we meticulously crafted the artful look and feel of the space and furniture. What resulted was an inspiring environment for discussion, lectures, and learning for the professionals. In the process, we transformed an industrial unit into a vibrant meeting and learning space.