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How digital branding can boost your business

The What, Why and How of Digital Branding

Digital branding tends to be confused with digital marketing. Digital branding is how you build and communicate your brand online. You can do this through a variety of tools, but it usually incorporates a website, social media channels, and content platforms.

Like digital marketing, digital branding is a long-drawn continuous process. But unlike digital marketing, digital branding comprises activities that help generate brand awareness, brand recognition, and brand loyalty. Whereas digital marketing focuses on driving sales. Also, unlike traditional advertising, digital branding does not talk at you, it talks to you.

Why do you need digital branding

To grow your business, you need to start developing if not enhancing your brand presence. In other words, you need consumers to know your brand and what it stands for. This means the shift towards digital media is having a clear impact on how your customers get to know your products and make informed decisions.
In B2B business, the top 10 brands with the best customer connections had a 31 per cent greater revenue growth over three years as compared to the 10 lowest brands.

With a strong brand identity and a unique brand story, you can carve out a niche for your offerings by using digital branding tools. We cannot help but to emphasise that a strong digital presence will help your customers feel involved with your brand and foster relationships with them. It will also allow you to speak directly with your customers through day-to-day interactions on the digital platforms they are familiar with.

How you should strategise

The lack of brand presence is one of the key reasons why many local small businesses tend not to sustain or scale up. The increasingly competitive digital space has highlighted the importance of brands attuning themselves to the new-consumer reality.

Let’s take a step back in time. Nike leveraged sports powerhouse Michael Jordan’s market presence in the 1980s to increase its brand awareness and has now tuned Jordan into a classic brand in the retail industry. The association between these two brands has become apparent.

Here’s some pointers to guide you in developing a strong digital branding strategy.

Engage the right team of specialists

Oculus is a multidisciplinary team that scored 20 years of experience in branding, service design, digital marketing, and customer service. Connect with us, a team of savvy PMC certified consultants, and let us walk with you to improve your brand presence in your industry.

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