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      How aligning employee and customer experience can improve bottom line

      Behind every successful company are loyal, satisfied customers served by motivated employees. That’s plain enough. But in today’s complex marketplace, it’s easy to lose sight of how to align the needs of both your customers and your employees. How can you get everybody pulling together as a team?

      Well, you need to be methodical. And business experts have created strategies known as Service Design to promote ways to improve business efficiency.

      Firstly, it means starting with your employees. Unless every member of staff understands the goals of your company and – equally importantly – how their individual role fits into these, they will not be able to provide the best products or services for your customers. And they won’t be enjoying much job satisfaction, either.

      So transparency is vital. Management needs to establish communication channels between all the departments. Suggestions should be welcome at all staff levels. And your customers should be encouraged to provide feedback. The more avenues you open, the more useful insights you’ll gain.

      Next, you need to measure your results. Today’s technology makes it easy to discover which aspects of your business are working and which need reviewing. Service Design has a whole box of tools to help your business succeed.

      At Oculus, our multidisciplinary team works with Singapore companies, big and small, to find unique ways to promote their business. Our team of strategists, business designers and experience designers can help you to:

      • analyse what is happening in your different departments and how they can better coordinate with each other towards a common goal
      • spot insights and opportunities to help sustain your business growth
      • use digital technology to measure how your business is developing
      • ensure your written communications are attractive and relevant in their content and design to engage your audience


      To find out more about how we can help your business, contact us at

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