The very essence of a company is revealed in challenging times, and not in good times. Teckwah was a sterling example of a firm that had stuck to its core in using its edge to navigate through a lacklustre period of macroeconomic conditions.

We developed the idea of core as part of the trilogy of annual reports that we were commissioned to design for the firm – from the One-ness of vision, to the All-encompassing will to succeed, to the Core-edge that separates the tough from the otherwise.

Our cover design concept involved the use of bold typography and the firm’s corporate red colour to make a visual statement and to depict the firm’s strong foundation. Keeping to a minimalist approach, the inner pages portrayed Teckwah’s attributes relating to vision, strength and relationships through grey-scaled images with overlay bold text.

Preceding the Core concept a year ago was the All theme. The design concept was creatively aligned with the firm’s brand re-positioning and its move in relocating its headquarters to Pixel Red. Using bold red colour to represent the building and the firm and combining that with 3-D graphics, we portrayed how the firm was staying on top of its game by rallying its people to get on board with its vision, mission and strategies for the next lap.