How do we make direct mailers fun yet relevant? That was the challenge given to us by 9Lives, as Spicers Paper sought to publicise its eco-friendly paper solutions via direct mailers.

Ever heard of curiosity kills a cat? Using the characteristics of the cat that was synonymous with the 9Lives logo, we drew upon that inspiration and designed a direct mailer that was fun.

The direct mailer opens up into an A1 poster. The design of the poster was inspired by the feline logo of 9Lives, with whimsical images of the cat having fun with paper. Everything comes together with the tagline, “Time to let the cat out of the bag”.

To make the mailer relevant, we built interest through the content – dispelling myths about recycled paper and unveiling the affordability of its eco-friendly paper solutions.

Bagged in a sleeve, the leaflet cum poster set out the sustainability considerations of 9Lives paper, encouraging designers and corporate clients to let their imagination run free in using eco-friendly paper solutions.