From a corporate standpoint, Shimadzu has to constantly stay in touch with customers to remain competitive regardless of the economic terrain. To retain “high value” customers who have been with Shimadzu for some time, Shimadzu introduced the “Shimadzu Diamond Club” to provide customers with incents, latest updates and a slew of other benefits so as to build brand loyalty.

Appointed for the branding exercise of the “Shimadzu Diamond Club”, we initiated the tagline “Crown of Brilliance” to elevate the exclusive stature of the Club and defined its mission.

We created a “W” emblem that made up the logo to symbolize the exclusivity of the programme and to further reinforce the Club’s name.

In creating the identity of the club, we also designed a crystal plaque for the members. The plaque was encased in an elegant box that contains a membership booklet and card.

Over a period of two years, the Club gained a premium with more customers wanting to be part of the Club, which contributed to Shimadzu’s sales success.