We were approached by the NTU School of Humanities and Social Sciences (NTU HSS) to design its course curriculum brochure. The purpose was to refresh their images as part of its wider strategy being extended out to attract bright young talents to the School.

Working in collaboration with the School, we conceived the tagline ”Live. Learn. Discover.” Our purpose was to invite students to seek out and discover the endless opportunities abound in the social sciences learning environment at the School and how the current students discover and live their passions.

As the saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. To spark greater curiosity and stir resonance among the students towards the School, we designed the brochure with dual format to serve both curriculum and marketing objectives.

We took a fresh and diverse approach by employing punctuation marks, which served as a form of universal design language, as a visual interpretation of the theme.

Nestled within the marketing pages was a wellspring of stories and viewpoints of the graduates to strike a further chord with the new incoming students.

Engaged by the School for the second year, we built on the design concept through the use of brackets and punctuations to emphasize the School’s positioning, key messaging and content segments. This time, our visual concept was based on duo black and white theme to convey the confidence and strength of the NTU HSS curriculum