We were engaged by MFT-SG, a provider of air engineering solutions and services, to help with their brand positioning, brand identity and website design.

The overarching objective of the project was to position MFT-SG as a company who looks after the health of people by providing clean air rather than be seen as a supplier of products and services. On top of that, the project was timed with the planned expansion of their client base and how they were to be seen by this new set of target audience.

A strategic review of their business strategies, brand promise and values was conducted through a focused group. By doing so, this enabled us to more accurately position them and align this positioning with their business strategy. Thereafter, we developed the content and visuals to create a sustainable brand image and appeal to the targeted audience.

Through our close collaboration with MFT-SG, we turned their aspiration into a strong brand visual identity that was aligned with top management’s vision. Carrying through with absolute care and thought in the design of their website, we developed an online presence that communicated the strength of their products and solutions and their potential. With this refreshed and realigned positioning, the company has risen to command a greater marketplace presence to attract new businesses and employees.