Founded in 2009, Kyoob-id is a home grown commercial interior design company dedicated to building design solutions that encapsulate their clients’ brands in the marketplace today and for the future.

As a firm, it is guided by the philosophy that it is in the business of design, simply to improve lives at the workplace. Simplicity is at the heart of what it does and an attribute that sets the firm apart from the rest. Kyoob-id recognises that a dot of inspiration is all it needs to paint a corporate story.

By understanding their business philosophy and identifying their attributes, we ensured that this simplicity was clearly evident in the portfolio marketing brochure that we designed. The design of the brochure was intended to strengthen the brand of Kyoob-id, enabling the firm to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

In our design approach of the brochure, we took absolute care to ensure that every dot and line and the selection of grid layout and typography were thoughtful and deliberate, with all layout elements working harmoniously to bring out the essence of the firm. Our bold usage of white space complemented the grid, enhancing Kyoob-id’s philosophy of simplicity.