Steering to the future


Founded in 1969, Straits Construction thrives as one of Singapore’s leading builders within the residential and commercial space. Built on its shared values and distinct culture, Straits Construction plays a major role in shaping urban landscapes and creating environments where people thrive.

To support its visionary growth, Straits Construction understands the benefit of inclusion and employee engagement. We were engaged to help Straits Construction strengthen its employer branding by underscoring what the company stands for and what binds their people as they take the company forward.

Higher Further Together

The tagline: “Higher Further Together” reflects the firm’s vision in making a positive impact in the communities they serve. As builders who know their craft well, Straits Construction provides solutions readily for the future, with the passion to perform and the will of its people to succeed altogether.

Building greater ties

The brand identity stems from building the narrative of an inclusive work environment and that growth comes from working together. We created a plan with more relevant and cohesive brand strategy to keep up with the current market as well as to attract new talents to the company. We did a brand audit to evaluate how the company was perceived and to re-position the legacy brand.

Taking into consideration that the second generation of management has taken over the business, we refined the old logo and removed the existing Chinese characters. This helped to position the firm on a better stage amongst its peers.

We devised a visual language for the firm, to highlight its strengths, close ties and relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. The buddies icon represents the construction industry, juxtaposed in two different sizes. This symbolises growth and enunciates the close partnership between the company and its key stakeholders. What resulted was the power of simplicity that spoke the communal personality of the firm.

Getting down to earth

To be in line with the brand, the tone of the photography was directed to be approachable and down to earth. With people being the focus of the photograph subjects, they are captured visually in twos or more to reinforce the tagline of “Higher Further Together”. The distinctive visuals, which incorporate blue skies, green grass and buildings, underscore the spaces that Straits Construction is involved in.

Soaring with vision

The resulting brand identity communicates the professionalism, progression and inclusion of Straits Construction, one that attracts people who want to work and do business with. The new brand identity is timely, as the narratives convey to the broader industry about the greater mission of working at Straits Construction. In addition, we delivered a corporate video that provided an insightful introduction of Straits Construction and demonstrated the potential of the firm.

A sub-brand “TOOLBOX” was also created, with the new brand identity that resonated the personality of the parent brand. Click here to view this project.