What does it take to be a global business leader?


NTU Nanyang Business School (NBS or the School) has established itself as a comprehensive provider of business and management education in Asia Pacific. Being among the world’s top-tier business schools, NBS continues to employ innovative pedagogy to provide enriching opportunities for interdisciplinary study. We were tasked to design the extensive range of marketing collaterals to refresh their images as part of the School’s wider strategy being extended out to attract bright young talents.

Showcasing excellence through “Learn. Grow. Lead. Serve.”

Working in collaboration with the School, we were able to tell narratives of the integral curriculum as well as the academic excellence and industry excellence. Our purpose was to invite students to seek out and discover the endless opportunities abound in NBS learning environment at the School and how the current students discover and live their passions by applying it in the business world.

Making dreams a reality

To bring out the essence of the School, our photography direction took a lighter, more positive tone. This was purposefully directed to shed light on the school culture, which sets NBS apart from its competitors. The people in the subject of the photo looked light-hearted and well-composed together, communicating a proposition of the seasoned students in a challenging yet nurturing environment.

All set for the journey

With the consistent positioning across the various touch points, the collaterals, booth materials and video were very well received. We were re-appointed by NBS for the following two years for their scholarship campaigns.